Product: CMIII



  • Easy to use, no technical knowledge required.
  • Ideal for testing medical equipment batteries
  • Accurately tests batteries performance.
  • Modular design easily expanded as required.
  • Fully automatic test, including 3 cycle battery conditioning.

Product Specification

The Checkmate III is a modular, easy to use battery performance tester designed to accurately test the
performance of a wide range of rechargeable batteries, including Li-ion types.

The LCD display guides the operator through the selection of battery type and voltage, either from the pre programmed
'popular batteries' list or simply by entering the battery chemistry, voltage and mA hour rating.

The operator can also choose how many charge/discharge cycles the test will complete and also the percentage pass level
for the test.

Once the selections are confirmed, the test begins and the LCD shows the status of the test. The test ends automatically
when the battery has completed the optimum number of cycles and the test results show on the LCD display and on the
optional printer (if fitted).

The modular construction of the Checkmate III allows for easy expansion by simply adding extra testing channels as
needed. Each Checkmate III power pack can power three testing channels.

The Checkmate III is a quality product designed and manufactured in the UK and carries a comprehensive 12 month


Voltage and Capacity Range:
Nickel Cadmium & Nickel Metal Hydride
1.2 - 6v 400 - 12,000mAh
6v - 12v 400 - 7000mAh
12v - 24v 400 - 4000mAh
Li-ion, Li-Poly, Sealed Lead Acid & Cyclon
2.0v - 6v 400 - 12,000mAh
6v -12v 400 - 7000mAh
12v - 24v 400 - 4000mAh
Battery Types: Nickel Cadmium (Nicad), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly), Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Cyclon
Case: Red Stove Enamel
Connection: Via Banana terminals
Size: 170 x 260 x 95mm
Weight: 1080grm
Discharge: Constant current
Recharge: Constant current (Nicad & NiMH) Constant voltage, Current limited (SLA, Cyclon, Li-ion & Li-Poly)
Display: Shows progress of test and prompts operator to determine test type.
User Interface: Via 3 push buttons
Printer Output: Serial RS232 to thermal printer
Power Source: Checkmate III Power Pack
Input: 100 - 270 VAC
Output: 14v 3.7A max
28v 3.7A max
42v 3.7A max
Size: 135 x 220 x 80mm
Weight: 1150grm
Finish: Red Stove Enamel

Ordering Information

Checkmate III Test channel CMIII
Checkmate Power Pack CMIIIPP

Optional Extras

  • Printer EPT1
  • Quality 40 column serial thermal printer. Prints comprehensive report of battery condition.
    Printer paper PTP1
  • Refill thermal paper roll, box of 10 rolls.

Other Information

Preprogrammed popular
medical battery listing
and easy to set test
Tests wide range of
battery chemistries.
Tests Nicad, NiMH, Li-ion,
Li-Polymer, SLA and
Cyclon batteries.
Covers wide voltage
Tests batteries 1.2v - 24v
in the range 400 - 12000
Printed report of test.
Optional thermal printer
prints test results and
battery condition
Defective cell detector.
Special software
monitors battery voltage
during discharge to
identify faulty cells.