Product: 3911R

12 volt Heavy Duty Lead Acid Battery Tester


  • A simple and accurate way to check battery performance
  • Full discharge test confirms battery run time
  • Powered from the battery being tested, simple 2 wire croc clip connection to terminals.
  • Direct replacement for older model 39/m3901 with extra features.
  • Very portable, powered from battery being tested.

Product Specification

The 3911R has been designed specifically to help non-technical personnel to easily determine the condition of batteries in both field service and workshop situations. No technical knowledge is required!

The 3911R contains a fully automatic program which discharges the battery under test and measures its run time (in minutes).
To test a battery, simply connect a charged battery, press the enter button and the automatic test sequence begins.
That's all there is to it !

When the test is finished simply compare the run time on the supplied chart to establish the condition of the battery.
The test end voltage can be set by the user, so the 3911R can be used to partially discharge batteries to provide a
quick estimate of battery condition.

If the optional printer is used, a full battery discharge graph and a comprehensive test report of the battery test can
be printed.

The 3911R is a quality product, designed and built in the UK and comes with a full 12 month warranty.

The 3911R tests the actual capacity of a battery by discharging the battery with a high power 20 amp resistor load.
As the discharge test proceeds, the accumulated ime of the test is shown on the LCD display. The discharge continues until the battery's on load voltage falls to the end voltge setting, at which point the test ends automatically. The end voltage is normally set to 9.0 volts but can be adjusted by the use if partial discharge is.

When the battery reaches the end point voltage, the discharge ends automatically and the test results are displayed and saved. The date and time of the test are automatically record with the test results.

During the discharge, circuits monitor the battery's discharge voltage for signs of weak or defective cells and if detected, a warning is given at the end of the test and on the printed test report.

Defective or weak cells within a battery reduce the battery's on load voltage even though the battery may well provide a reasonable amperehour or run time result.

At the end of each test the run time the battery achieved is shown on the front panel LCD display. To determine the battery's performance simply compare the run time achieved with the run time shown on the discharge chart supplied with the tester.
A comprehensive test report and battery discharge voltage characteristic can be printed using the optional thermal printer which shows the battery's voltage during the discharge test.

Customised and special voltage versions of the 3911 are available, contact our sales office or your local distributor for full details.

Ordering Information

The simple and accurate way to check battery performance. - 3911R

3911R Battery teste
Printer interface
Operating guide

Optional Extras

Printer - EPT1
Quality 40 column serial thermal printer. Prints comprehensive report of battery condition.
Printer paper - PTP1
Refill thermal paper roll, box of 10 rolls.