Product: STP12

PROFESSIONAL, Samsung Multi-Battery Charger

A battery charger with UNIQUE integral adapters, can connect to over 27 types of Samsung battery and can charge any 12 batteries types at one time.

The SPT12 is a Unique charging solution for charging up to 12 Samsung batteries at one time. The SPT12 can charge most standard format Samsung batteries in the range 3.6v – 3.8v  from 1200 – 4000 mAh. ( including most popular types).


Product Specification

The unique integral battery adapter fitted to all 12 channels allows immediate connection to the battery.  No technical knowledge is required to operate the charger!

Simply insert the battery to be charged into a vacant slot on the front of the charger

With the battery contacts facing forward and to the left ( see instructions on the front of the charger.)

The RED led will show connection has been successful and charging has begun.

 the GREEN led will illuminate when charging is complete.

The charge cycle is fully automatic, if the green led shows when the battery is inserted then the battery is already charged.

Standard safety features include:

Over voltage and short circuit battery protection

Thermal regulation to optimise charge cycle time

10% Preconditioning of deeply depleted cells

32-Minute Preconditioning Timer

6-Hour Safety Timer

10% Automatic Charge Termination


Quality Battery Testing & Charging products, designed and manufactured in th UK