Product: m69C

Easy to use constant current capacity tester for 12v Lead Acid and 12-16v Lithium batteries.


  • Takes the guess work out of battery testing.
  • Friendly, easy to use, accurate results.
  • Used by major Golf Trolley manufacturers.
  • Easily up dated to cover new batteries.

Product Specification

The new m69C is an easy to use, microcontroller based battery testing system designed to provide a reliable and accurate discharge test of 12 volt Lead Acid batteries and 12 - 16 volt Lithium batteries, in the range 10 - 200Ah and is ideal for testing the performance of batteries used in Electric Golf trollies, Mobility Scooters etc.

Testing a battery could not be easier, simply connect the tester to the battery and press the ENTER push button to begin the test. The test finishes automatically and shows the battery RUN TIME in minutes on the front panel LCD display and % battery capacity for Lithium batteries.

A summary test report can be exported to a PC, using the PC Report software. The test report can be saved or printed on the PC's printer. The last test result is saved by the tester and can be recalled and reprinted as required.

The m69C is designed for use by non technical users and no battery or computer knowledge is required.

Each unit is supported by a full 12 month parts and labour warranty and a telephone help line.

Ordering Information

m69C - Constant current battery tester.

Optional Extras

  • Lithium battery upgrade. Simple plugin software upgrade.
  • AUTORECHARGE - This option adds a socket to the unit into which the user plugs a suitable charger.
  • EPT1 - Portable "till roll" thermal printer.
  • PTP1 - Printer paper rolls , box of 10 rolls.
  • PC-Report - software to enable test results to be printed from your pc.

More Information

  • Easy to use. No technical knowlege required.
  • Full constant current discharge test. Accurate test method used by battery manufacturers.
  • Tests wide range of batteries. Tests batteries from 10-200Ah.
  • Easily upgraded to test Lithium batteries. Simply plugin software upgrade.
  • Remembers last test result. If battery disconnected without noting result - no problem simply recall result from memory.
  • Defect cell detector. Software monitors for faulty cells and alerts the use.
  • Light weight modern design. Uses the latest components to produce a robust, compact, light weight unit.
  • Powered from battery being tested. No need for mains power, tester is powered from battery under test.